Sunday, August 29, 2010

two tone lips

This is really easy to do!!! just choose to complementary colors like purple and gold, red and black, pink and purple, red and white, white and black etc!!
choose the lipstick colour first (harder to get every color in a lipstick) apply lipstic all over lips as you normally do then choose your second colour in a pigment form!! apply using a small brush or your finger to the inside of the lip top and bottom! and there you have it two tone lips!!!!

Leopard print look

How to achieve this leopard print look!!! Great for halloween!!
Apply your favorite foundation concealer and loose powder for a flawless look!!!
Take a blue pigment (or whatever colour you want your leopard print look to be im going with blue) and cover the forehead down the temples and cheeks!! Blend the edges to make the blue color melt into your natural skin tone!!
then take either a black eyeliner pencil or liquid liner and draw the shape of the leopard spots big and small over the blue shadow!!
then in the centers if the big spots use a darker blue lipstick, eyeliner or cream eyeshadow!!
this look works brill with big bold lashes, black lipstick and even a black nose and whiskers which can all be applied using a black eyeliner!!!!

Gosh pigments

Time for another review!!!!!
I got several pigments from Gosh and thought id share with you what i thought of them!!
I got a green a pink and one called Wonderland!!
The green is lovely with slight tones of gold! it goes on light but you can build it up not too much tho.... too many layers and it starts to fall off and fade!
the pink is a beautiful shade of pink but the same as the green it goes on light so needs alot of building up but doesnt stay well the more you build it up!!!
The wonderland is a light pink with glitter throught it it is a lovely shade especially for highlighter over the cheeks for a beautiful dewy look but one bad thing is the glitter falls off instantly!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

industrial shoot

I had a very busy day of shooting last monday first i did a shoot in pheonix park dublin with sarah kellagher and kathy silk the theme was festival we shoot at a band stand near the entrance to the zoo its was great fun and i cant wait to see the results!!! i also did a shoot in walshestown with derek mc auley and emmajane hughes it was industrial themed and was great fun too. i was sooo tired after my day of shooting!!!