Sunday, June 23, 2013


This week is my birthday and I have already recieved to wonderful presents!! 2 bottles of perfume and they are beautiful and so different I am delighted with them!

The 1st bottle is Marc Jacobs Daisy. This is a beautiful floral fruity perfume great if you want somthing light and fresh. A wonderful summer scent!
The bottle and packaging are beautiful a classic shape bottle with a funky rubber daisy covered lid!

The second id Ted Bakers MW which is a warm floral scent a deep lovely evening scent which came with a very lightly scented body lotion which drys in fast and isnt sticky!
The packaging is beautiful a prisim shaped bottle in a prisim box.

I really love both these scents they are both very wearable day or night and would look great on any vanity!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Keromask Camoflage concealer!!

Yay it finally arrived!! Im sooooo in love!!!
Ok so Iv been on the prowl for a new concealer that is high coverage but can still be used under my eyes without caking!! I may have found my holy grail of concealers!!
Keromask is made as a tattoo and skin pigmentation disorder concealer but it is amazing as a acne concealer and even as an every day concealer too!!
So as soon as it arrived i tried it on one of my tattoo and poof it was gone AMAZING!!
A tiny bit of the tattoo primer a tiny bit of concealer and set with a setting powder!!
Then i tried it as a regular under foundation concealer for my spots and my super bad under eyes and it was amazing spots were gone bags were gone!!!
I love this stuff its creamy but not greasy and it is sooooo super pigmented so you need soooo little product to conceal which means it doesnt go cakey in the areas you need high coverage!!

The shade range is amazing they have a colour for everyone and i mean everyone!!!
I got the sample kit in light to try out and I will definitely be purchasing the full size bottles!!

The sample kit comes in light medium and dark and each come with  8 cream concealers from light to dark (and the light is super light) it comes with 2 mixers a white and a yellow to make it paler or more yellow for sallow skin. It comes with a tattoo primer to cancel out some of the darker tones in the tattoo to make easier to cover and it comes with 4 powders white light medium and dark!

The sample kit cost 6 euro (and like 4 euro shipping) the full sized bottle is 18 euro for 15 ml which is really good for such and amazing product!!!

I totally recommend it!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mini Haul!!

My boo was working valentines day this year so we decided to spend the Saturday in Dublin shopping and stuff!! So this is a mini haul of the makeup stuffs I got in Dublin!!
First off I got Urban Decays All Nighter setting spray in Debenhams and to my surprise and delight they were having a 10% off sale so i got it for 25 instead of 27 YAY!!! I have not tried this yet and Im sooo excited to try it :) ill do a full review soon!! :)

Next thing I got were 2 Bourjois eyeshadows! I got 2 because I really wanted the peach shimmery one for ages and they were buy one get one half price and I cant pass up a bargain!! I got the 2 for just 15 euro! My boyfriend will tell you it took me AGES to pick the second colour and it did but you have to take your time and choose right and I think I did!!

These are the swatches the peach is no were near as shimmery as it is in real life its like fairy puke sooooo sparkely!! They have great staying power and I love them!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

What I am looking forward to trying in 2013!!

I have been researching soooo many products online over the last week and I am sooo excited to try some of them!!
I have ordered my sample concealer kit from Keromask. I am mad to find a great concealer somthign that covers everything and also doesnt go rotten under my eyes!!! this sample kit costs just 6 euro and you get 8 shades of concealer 3 mixers and 3 powders!!! It can be used to conceal tattoos so I have high hopes!!

I will be purchasing a Makeup setting spray next week I am pretty certain Im going to try Urban decays All Nighter as it has some great reviews. Its about 25 euro which a little more than I want to spend but it sounds to be the best one available!!

I am crazy excited to try Illamasqua Gleam I just have to wait till its back in stock on there website!! It is supose to be an amazing subtle natural highlighter!! It costs 18 pounds but it is only just over 10 for people with the Pro discount!! :)

I was in Boots yesterday and I tried a Bourjois intense eyeshadow on my hand and now I am mad to have it!! I cant remember for certain which one it is I think its number 02!! This pic doesnt show the amazing peach intensly shimmery shadow I am in love with but when I get it I will swatch and take pics!! :)

I also have to find some great lipliners!! I have no idea where to start any recommendations please!!!
Any recommendations for any products you love and think I should try are welcome I am always on the look out for my new faves!!! xxx

2012 Beauty Faves!!

So I am gona tell you all about my fave buys of last year!!
There wernt loads (I was pretty broke through 2012 lol)!
First off are The Real Technique brushes I got the orange core set for mothers day and the purple starter set for xmas. I LOVE THESE BRUSHES!!! Thet are soft they hold the powder brilliantly and they are all so versatile  I use the detailer brush as a lipstick brush and its the best one I have ever had!!! the buffing brush is great for stippling on liquid r cream foundations!! the accent brush is great for eyeliner and the eyeliner brush is great for accenting!!

Next is MAC Studio fix fluid and powder!!
I have been using these nearly a year and I know they are expensive but I feel are worth it!! The powder has lasted me 10 months and I still have some left!! The fluid foundation lasted me about 4 months as I mixed it with a different foundation for day time and only wore it on its own for nights out and special occasions!!
They cost about 30 euro each and you have to buy the pump separate for the liquid which sucks but at least then you can use it for your next bottles of foundation!!
I love the product and the colour selection (I hear they are comming out with a nw nc 10 for us pale beauties) The coverage is amazing from both!

Another foundation I loved last year was the Revlon Colour Stay the colour range is great you can get each one in dry or oily skin which is brilliant!! And the price isnt appalling (especially if you wait till boots has a sale n get 3 for 2) 18 euro a bottle! the coverage is great and any clients I use this on love it!!

This one is especially for those of you with sensitive eyes!! I cant use normal mascara and it was so hard to find a good sensitive mascara and I totally did it La Roche Posay have an amazing range of mascaras for sensitive eyes!!! I have the wateproof and the volumising and they are great no watery eyes and great looking lashes!! And it only costs 17 euro so it wont break the bank!!

The next thing I bought a couple of weeks ago but I cant leave it out is the Sleek ultra matte darks palette!! Sleek just keeps getting better and better I loved my old Sleek palettes but some how these are 10 time better!! the colours are all beautiful and the pigmentation is beautiful and they are so soft and blend together soooo well and they only cost 7 pounds INSANE!!!

So they are my faves from 2012 I hope you agree!! :) x

Friday, November 9, 2012

Fashion trends autumn winter 2012

This is my season for fashion and Im super excited about it!!
In the last few years iv bought very few items of clothing as the trends just weren't me!!
I didnt get the floral or the denim shirts or the leather it was all just weird to me and looked awful on me so i bought clothes from rock shops like ASHA and online things that went with my look!!
Now i feel like its my time to shine!!
The grunge look is toatlly me I love it!!
Skulls, tartan, studs, dark colours, doc martins (or my knock off docs)!
I feel ill have to stock up on items as it probably wont be around for long!!

iv included some prettier items like this flouncy little skull dress from new look
I love these stone washed red shorts and feel they will be great with docs and a skull sweatshirt

Iv started with this pair of studded docs !!

I also got this dress from new look in cream and black 

 I love this skull top with studs from new look

I cant wait to update my wardrobe with some of these looks!!

 I love this trend and feel it covers my grunge and punk look in one!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012


I decided enough was enough after putting on 1 stone in the last year and a half! I worked so hard to loose that weight for NY in 2011 and to put on nearly half of what I lost was depressing!!
I started my diet on the 18th of july but it took a few weeks to works the kinks out I lost a couple of pounds but then it just stopped comming off and I was near giving up!!!
Then I was looking through apps on my phone and I found a calorie counter so I downloaded it to my phone ... it was the best thing Iv ever done!!!!!
I added up what I calories I should be having for my weight and height and energy usage to loose weight and than I calculated what I had been eating and it turned out it wasnt good i was eating less than I had been but not to the point where I would loose weight so I redesigned my diet and this is it!!!

I feel this diet works best if your like me and you dont get up too early! I will have to change it up a bit as I will be getting up early with corey for school from next week!!
I have a low calorie cup-a-soup for lunch that's about 50-80 cal depending on the one you pick!!
At about 3 I have a cuppa tea or a low cal hot choco to keep my sugar up!! thats 30-40 cal!
Dinner is around 5 and I have what ever I like (unless im going out or going to the cinema that evening then I eat healthy)! thats usually between 700-1000 cal
For me not regulating my dinner too much works! I know through out the day I will get to enjoy a big dinner of borritos or spuds or pasta what ever I like!!!
I think if i was having diet lunch and diet dinner and everything was diet diet diet I would have given up a long time ago!!!
Then at 8 I have tea and a pink and white or lemon sorbet or a weight watchers lemon slice! its low cal but still a treat!! 100 cal
Evenings are my worst time I am a big evening nibbler all I wana do is eat so I have fruit and sometimes if im starving I have a small bowl of porridge!! 30-200 cal
so on average every day I have between 1100 and 1500 cal a day!!
And on this Diet I have been loosing 1 pound every 3 days!!
I will probably add a morning Banana into my diet 90 cal and an extra cuppa tea 30 cal as I will be getting up super early on weekdays from monday on!!