Friday, February 8, 2013

What I am looking forward to trying in 2013!!

I have been researching soooo many products online over the last week and I am sooo excited to try some of them!!
I have ordered my sample concealer kit from Keromask. I am mad to find a great concealer somthign that covers everything and also doesnt go rotten under my eyes!!! this sample kit costs just 6 euro and you get 8 shades of concealer 3 mixers and 3 powders!!! It can be used to conceal tattoos so I have high hopes!!

I will be purchasing a Makeup setting spray next week I am pretty certain Im going to try Urban decays All Nighter as it has some great reviews. Its about 25 euro which a little more than I want to spend but it sounds to be the best one available!!

I am crazy excited to try Illamasqua Gleam I just have to wait till its back in stock on there website!! It is supose to be an amazing subtle natural highlighter!! It costs 18 pounds but it is only just over 10 for people with the Pro discount!! :)

I was in Boots yesterday and I tried a Bourjois intense eyeshadow on my hand and now I am mad to have it!! I cant remember for certain which one it is I think its number 02!! This pic doesnt show the amazing peach intensly shimmery shadow I am in love with but when I get it I will swatch and take pics!! :)

I also have to find some great lipliners!! I have no idea where to start any recommendations please!!!
Any recommendations for any products you love and think I should try are welcome I am always on the look out for my new faves!!! xxx

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