Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mini Haul!!

My boo was working valentines day this year so we decided to spend the Saturday in Dublin shopping and stuff!! So this is a mini haul of the makeup stuffs I got in Dublin!!
First off I got Urban Decays All Nighter setting spray in Debenhams and to my surprise and delight they were having a 10% off sale so i got it for 25 instead of 27 YAY!!! I have not tried this yet and Im sooo excited to try it :) ill do a full review soon!! :)

Next thing I got were 2 Bourjois eyeshadows! I got 2 because I really wanted the peach shimmery one for ages and they were buy one get one half price and I cant pass up a bargain!! I got the 2 for just 15 euro! My boyfriend will tell you it took me AGES to pick the second colour and it did but you have to take your time and choose right and I think I did!!

These are the swatches the peach is no were near as shimmery as it is in real life its like fairy puke sooooo sparkely!! They have great staying power and I love them!!

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