Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Parlor

This weekend I kicked my son Corey out of his room I know this sounds mean but he just doesn't need dat much space all to himself hes only 3!! So I put Corey into the room I was using as my beauty room and I took his room for my own!!
You see the small room was fine for me until I did my tanning course and then I had to go 3 months cramped into a tiny room with a HUGE tan tent a beauty table makeup case and makeup chair it was soo tiny I barley had room to move!!
The final straw came after I did my threading course and I borrowed my friends Beauty bed (till I get my own) it meant Id have to take down the tent every time I needed the bed and visa versa!! So I decided enough is enough!
I went and got some gorgeous dusky plum paint and me n my fella painted the room!! In 3 hours we were all done (it took me 3 months on my own to paint the small room)!!
I moved every thing around and within 4 hours I had myself a beautiful big spacious beauty room that im thinking of calling The Parlor!!
All I have to do now is put up my certificates and a few little decorations to finish it up!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nail art

I am all about the nail at at the moment!! most other passions have been put on the back burner for now!!
I got a set of nail art brushes on ebay and havnt looked back!! i also got rhinestones n gems and a few other bits off ebay sooooo cheap nothing cost over 3 euro including shipping!!
I have gone from owning 1 old (so old it was thick n gloopy) cheap black nail polish to owning 14 models own polishes in like a month!
I never thought nail art would be for me iv always bit my nails so i never bothered painting them (u cant polish a turd) but now im growing (well trying to)my nails out and there always polished to perfection!!
Im going to do a nail tec course this sept and then do gel and acrylic nails too!!
Ya never know I may grow to love it more than makeup!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


I recently did a threading course in Portobello institute in Dublin!
It was a one day intensive course where we learned the history of threading and obtained the skills to thread hairs from the face! It was a wonderful course I would recommend it to anyone interested in taking up threading!
Since then I have added threading to my treatment list and have had nothing but great feedback from all my clients!!
It is virtually painfree and doesnt pull at the skin of the eyelid like waxing which can cause drooping of the eyelid ans wrinkles!!