Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Parlor

This weekend I kicked my son Corey out of his room I know this sounds mean but he just doesn't need dat much space all to himself hes only 3!! So I put Corey into the room I was using as my beauty room and I took his room for my own!!
You see the small room was fine for me until I did my tanning course and then I had to go 3 months cramped into a tiny room with a HUGE tan tent a beauty table makeup case and makeup chair it was soo tiny I barley had room to move!!
The final straw came after I did my threading course and I borrowed my friends Beauty bed (till I get my own) it meant Id have to take down the tent every time I needed the bed and visa versa!! So I decided enough is enough!
I went and got some gorgeous dusky plum paint and me n my fella painted the room!! In 3 hours we were all done (it took me 3 months on my own to paint the small room)!!
I moved every thing around and within 4 hours I had myself a beautiful big spacious beauty room that im thinking of calling The Parlor!!
All I have to do now is put up my certificates and a few little decorations to finish it up!

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