Saturday, January 29, 2011

face charts!!

Im always doodling eyes and faces on pieces of paper there on any spare page I can find but there never constant and my proportions area awful when doing lips and cheek bones!!
So when my boyfriend bought a printer I decided to look for some blank face charts online!! I spent awhile looking as I wanted the perfect chart!! I tried illamasqua, nars and a few others, but the best I found was the MAC face chart!!
Its amazing it has the full face shape so you can do blush or contouring the fratures are drawn on so lightly so there easy to cover with all different colour eyeshadows!! The eyebrows are small and light so you can ignore them and they wont ruin your face or you can totally go mad with the shape and you wont have the end of a printed brow sticking out!!
I love them and recommend them to anyone who does makeup!! I colored mine with actuall makeup or you can use coloring pencils or even paints!!
I spent about 4 hours today doing one chart (each side was different im not good at symmetry so I tend to use one chart for 2 looks)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

New York

HE HE HE HE HE Im as excited as a kid on christmas morning in a candy store with a year off school!!!
Im goin to New York in 27 days and I cant wait!!!
One of the main reasons that I am sooooo excited is because my hotel is just off 5th avenue and around the corner from Sephora!!
Good luck to the employees in Sephora when I walse in the doors cause Im gona rape the place!!
I found a year ago and nearly flipped I had a full basket befor I realised they didnt post to Ireland :( (boo on them) and the nearest shop to me was in PARIS (and my private jet is having its gold plated tvs installed so i couldnt pop over to do some shopping lol)!
So now that I finally get to go and partake of its amazing offers Im over the moon :)
I have a HUGE list of stuff I want to get including Smashbox primer (which is like 10 euro cheaper than if I got it in Ireland), Urban Decay ANYTHING (cause I love it all) and some of sephoras own products!!!
Just you wait till I get back!!! I will give you a full review on the shop the cost and the service :) xxxx

Friday, January 21, 2011

makeup fun

Its been ages since I had a bit of fun with my makeup so today I decided to do somthing a bit colorful and artistic hope you like it!!!
one look is more wearable and the other is more dramatic and for photoshoots!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sigma Brush set!!

I spent a long time looking for a good brush set!!
I toyed with the idea of getting Fraulein brushes or even slowly building up a MAC brush set (which would probably take years and cost 100's) when I found a review on youtube for Sigma brushes!
the review was very positive so I decided to do some research! I checked blogs and youtube reviews and I asked makeup artist frinds!!
After a week I decided to give them ago!!
I chose the complete kit without brush roll (as i already had 2 brush rolls and didnt see a point in spending an extra 20 dollars for another roll!!
It worked out at only 69 euro including shipping to Ireland which was brilliant!
They arrived in only a week!! they were in a little black draw string bag wi a few leaflets on what each brush is for and how to care for the brushes!! The set also came with a free travel sized blending brush as a gift!!
I started using the brushes straight away they are amazingly soft and gorgeous I dont know what I did befor them with my cheap knock off mac kit!!

As a christmas pressie I got the Gosh foundation brush!! It is soooo soft and full all my clients comment on how soft it feels its wonderful!!

Santa Baby 2 the makeup :)

Santa also popped into Liffy Valleys Inglot and purchased some of there Freedom system sets!!!
I got eyebrow powder set with 3 differnt shades lack brown and a reddish brown!! A 5 piece lipstick set with an orange a purple a nude a rose and a wine
and a gorgeous blush set with magnets so you can stack up your pallets for handieness!!!
Oh and i almost for got a black eyeliner paint pot which is amazing dries matte in seconds and I dont think Ill ever be without again (only cost 15 euro) and comes in loads of different shades including yellow (the next one im getting)!!

I also got a nyx eyeshadow pallette which has every imaginable in it and they are all so well pigmented!!!!

As presents igot 3 refills for my mac pallette so getting closer to filling that!! Got plumage rice paper and honesty all gorgeous of course!!!
And Chanel Liquid eyeliner which will be kept for special occasions and brides because anything Chanel makes a girl feel like a princess!!!!

Santa Baby

Santa was very happy with me this year :) I got loads of pressies!!
I got this new makeup travel case!!!
Santa got it off ebay (as he often does) It cose only 110 euro including shipping which I thought was brill as I had bin looking for a case for a while and the cheapest I had found was 170 euro and then shipping and shipping from America at that which was like 45 euro!!! :P boo to that
The case is HUGE even the top part which opens up like the usual cosmetics case is like 3 times the size (at least) of my old case!!!
and the inside has dividers that can be moved to suit your needs!!
The bottom part is hughmungus!! It comes with its own lid so you can use it without the top part if you like!! Its brilliant for holding your brush sets big pallets.I have my brush belt in there and a cosmetics bag with all my glitters and lash adhesives! You could hold accesories for photoshoots clothes shoes it can hold so much stuff!!!
Also the case comes with 2 sets of keys which if like me you have a makeup crazy 2 yearold they come in handy!!!


my gosh its been a while!! i didnt realise i hadnt posted in so long!!

Ok well firstly ...Santy was really good to me this year i got a new big makeup travel case, a new set of sigma brushes and a load of new makeup (as well as a few nonmakeup related gifts)
ill do a review on all of them soon!!

I did a few photoshoots since my last post the ones I can think of were a shoot I did with Photographer Derek Mc Auley and Model Emma-Jane Hughes (we wer supose to have 3 models but 2 never turned up or let us know they wouldnt be comming I know who I wont be working with in the future)
The settings were a furniture shop in Navan were we got some great shots on big couches and beds and then on 3 motorbikes in the parking lot!!

Another shoot I did was with Photographer Derek Mc Auley and up and comming musician Sinead Mc Nally. It was a shoot for the cover of her debut single which is being released on the 28th of febuary!!!
It was set up at the bottom of Derek Mc Auleys road in Walshestown!!!