Monday, January 17, 2011

Santa Baby 2 the makeup :)

Santa also popped into Liffy Valleys Inglot and purchased some of there Freedom system sets!!!
I got eyebrow powder set with 3 differnt shades lack brown and a reddish brown!! A 5 piece lipstick set with an orange a purple a nude a rose and a wine
and a gorgeous blush set with magnets so you can stack up your pallets for handieness!!!
Oh and i almost for got a black eyeliner paint pot which is amazing dries matte in seconds and I dont think Ill ever be without again (only cost 15 euro) and comes in loads of different shades including yellow (the next one im getting)!!

I also got a nyx eyeshadow pallette which has every imaginable in it and they are all so well pigmented!!!!

As presents igot 3 refills for my mac pallette so getting closer to filling that!! Got plumage rice paper and honesty all gorgeous of course!!!
And Chanel Liquid eyeliner which will be kept for special occasions and brides because anything Chanel makes a girl feel like a princess!!!!

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