Monday, January 17, 2011

Santa Baby

Santa was very happy with me this year :) I got loads of pressies!!
I got this new makeup travel case!!!
Santa got it off ebay (as he often does) It cose only 110 euro including shipping which I thought was brill as I had bin looking for a case for a while and the cheapest I had found was 170 euro and then shipping and shipping from America at that which was like 45 euro!!! :P boo to that
The case is HUGE even the top part which opens up like the usual cosmetics case is like 3 times the size (at least) of my old case!!!
and the inside has dividers that can be moved to suit your needs!!
The bottom part is hughmungus!! It comes with its own lid so you can use it without the top part if you like!! Its brilliant for holding your brush sets big pallets.I have my brush belt in there and a cosmetics bag with all my glitters and lash adhesives! You could hold accesories for photoshoots clothes shoes it can hold so much stuff!!!
Also the case comes with 2 sets of keys which if like me you have a makeup crazy 2 yearold they come in handy!!!

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