Sunday, January 23, 2011

New York

HE HE HE HE HE Im as excited as a kid on christmas morning in a candy store with a year off school!!!
Im goin to New York in 27 days and I cant wait!!!
One of the main reasons that I am sooooo excited is because my hotel is just off 5th avenue and around the corner from Sephora!!
Good luck to the employees in Sephora when I walse in the doors cause Im gona rape the place!!
I found a year ago and nearly flipped I had a full basket befor I realised they didnt post to Ireland :( (boo on them) and the nearest shop to me was in PARIS (and my private jet is having its gold plated tvs installed so i couldnt pop over to do some shopping lol)!
So now that I finally get to go and partake of its amazing offers Im over the moon :)
I have a HUGE list of stuff I want to get including Smashbox primer (which is like 10 euro cheaper than if I got it in Ireland), Urban Decay ANYTHING (cause I love it all) and some of sephoras own products!!!
Just you wait till I get back!!! I will give you a full review on the shop the cost and the service :) xxxx

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