Saturday, January 29, 2011

face charts!!

Im always doodling eyes and faces on pieces of paper there on any spare page I can find but there never constant and my proportions area awful when doing lips and cheek bones!!
So when my boyfriend bought a printer I decided to look for some blank face charts online!! I spent awhile looking as I wanted the perfect chart!! I tried illamasqua, nars and a few others, but the best I found was the MAC face chart!!
Its amazing it has the full face shape so you can do blush or contouring the fratures are drawn on so lightly so there easy to cover with all different colour eyeshadows!! The eyebrows are small and light so you can ignore them and they wont ruin your face or you can totally go mad with the shape and you wont have the end of a printed brow sticking out!!
I love them and recommend them to anyone who does makeup!! I colored mine with actuall makeup or you can use coloring pencils or even paints!!
I spent about 4 hours today doing one chart (each side was different im not good at symmetry so I tend to use one chart for 2 looks)


  1. Love your site... I'm a MUA based in England UK.

  2. hi , i was wondering if it might be possible to get a copy of the illamaqua face chart ?? i so want to try it but cant find a blank one any where .. thanks so much :)
    georgia from ohio , my personal email is overmypinkrainbow at yahoo dot com