Thursday, March 31, 2011


Im in love!!! :) I would give anything to have just one Sephora shop in Ireland!! There are like 15 in New York so I might steal one they wont miss it!!
The 1st one I went into was in jcpennys in Queens it was just a little section in the shop but I had to have a look!!
The 1st thing i got was my Smashbox Primer and may I say im never going back to my old primer (sorry gosh still love your foundation)!!
I got a 60ml tube which is double the size of a normal tube and i got it for only $49 (34 euro) it was advertised that it would cost $75 (52 euro) if i just bought 2 30ml tubes of it!! BARGAIN!!!! If i was to buy it in ireland it would cost me 38 euro for 30ml and 76 euro for 60ml :( not looking forward to getting more :(!!!
That same day I got a urban decay trial sized tube of eye primer for $9 (6euro) its very good!!
Then a few days later I went to the Sephora 5th avenu store its such a beautiful shop!!! I spent about an hour in there with a very helpful shop assistant they where videoing a makeup video in store on that day which was cool but also ment a few stalls where blocked!! I got Bare Minerals face powder and it came with a powder brush for $30 (smashbox had the same offer for $60) a Sephora lipstick crayon eyeliner and eyeshadow brush!
I also visited the store on times square and got a too faced makeup collection as a pressie for my sis and a benifit highbeem for $10!! also they threw in some samples of nars primer and a puffy eye gel (which I had to use the day after and it worked a treat)
All in all I love Sephora I spent about $300 dollars in there stores around New York and I woulda spent more if I had the chance!!

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