Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I was very dissapointed recently!! I have been looking for a reasonably priced tanning cours and kit for the last 6 months I checking reviews and getting recommendations from other tanners I know!! I found Revive in Rathcool in January it came highly recommended by a friend so I got incontact with them. They were booked up for Januarys class and the Febuary one was on the week i was in New York but the promised to honor the deal and book me in for the March class!
So March came and I emailed revive to check the date of the course they asked if i wanted to confirm the date and I replied YES!! I got my fella to book the day off work to bring me! I got no reply after that so the week befor the course I called to get details. They were having a show that day so they took my details and promised to call me the following day!! Tuesday comes no phone call so I called them on Wedensday. They told me they were sorry but they were fully booked for the day I had confirmed I was like????? So they said they could book me in for the following weekend I had plans but said id make sure id make the class as i wanted to do it as soon as possible!!!
The following weekend I was my dads 60th birthday we were having a surprise party on the saturday and the course was on the sunday morning! I had to leave my dads party half way through cause i knew id be up early the nxt mornin!!
The day of the course i got up at 8 had to drag my baby n fella out of bed drop my son to my mams (who i also had to drag outa bed) and traveled the hour drive to south Dublin!! We sat in the car for 20 min and no one arrived so we called the number on the door!! The class had been canceled!!! The man on the phone was very appologetic saying someone should have called me (everyone else had been informed seen as noone else was waiting there) he said I would get a discount and he would call me the following day to discuss it!! I still havnt gotten a call and that was 2 weeks ago :(
Since then I have found a different course I will be doing next week I cant wait!!

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