Friday, November 9, 2012

Fashion trends autumn winter 2012

This is my season for fashion and Im super excited about it!!
In the last few years iv bought very few items of clothing as the trends just weren't me!!
I didnt get the floral or the denim shirts or the leather it was all just weird to me and looked awful on me so i bought clothes from rock shops like ASHA and online things that went with my look!!
Now i feel like its my time to shine!!
The grunge look is toatlly me I love it!!
Skulls, tartan, studs, dark colours, doc martins (or my knock off docs)!
I feel ill have to stock up on items as it probably wont be around for long!!

iv included some prettier items like this flouncy little skull dress from new look
I love these stone washed red shorts and feel they will be great with docs and a skull sweatshirt

Iv started with this pair of studded docs !!

I also got this dress from new look in cream and black 

 I love this skull top with studs from new look

I cant wait to update my wardrobe with some of these looks!!

 I love this trend and feel it covers my grunge and punk look in one!!