Monday, July 5, 2010

benefit review

I received the benefit BAD GAL pencil eyeliner and the IT STICK for my birthday last week and I wanted to let you all know what i thought of them!!!

First the BAD GAL eyeliner!! Its a lovely soft pencil which is blacker than black!! It goes on easily and stays on very well you can use it as a liner or smudge it across your eyelid for a sexy smokey look!!!

Now the IT stick!! This is the best concealer stick Iv ever used its not chalky or powdery like most concealer sticks!! Its great for concealing dark circles!! Its a wonderful product!!! for best results apply to blemish then tap in dont rub!!

I definitly recommend these products they are brilliant and long lasting so there worth the little bit extra!!!
oh and dont forget your large parers as these are both jumbo pencils!!!

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