Wednesday, September 1, 2010

costal scents/120 color palette/fraulein

Dont do it no matter how inviting the price is or how good ebay makes them sound just dont do it!!!!
If you are a professional makeup artist stay away from ebays costal scents palettes, all of the 'pro' color paletts from 1 to 120 even the fraulein palettes oh and not forgetting the strangely cheap 'MAC'palettes!!! MAC doesnt sell anything that cheap!!!!!
they are all the same generic palette (in different cases) made in China r Singapore r Thailand!!! (even if they are being sold from england they wer prob just bought in bulk to be sold)
Back when i first started doing make up i bought one thinkin great :) i get like 40 eye shadows for like 10 euro thats all the colors i could possibly need!!
these eyeshadows are fine if you are doing one block color on your eye but as soon as you start to build them up or try to blend a second color on top of the first you will see how bad these eyeshadows really are!!! the second color wont stay on top of the first it just seems to fall off!!! now i only use this palette for filling in eyebrows!!
they are just not worth it if you want a professional look!!

now if your 15 year old daughter (or son) is at you to buy them eyeshadows (especially if dey want expensive mac eyeshadows) then buy them these palettes it will save you money n shut them up till they can afford to buy there own!!

but if you are a pro just spend the extra and get yourself a MAC pro palette (these are brill cause when u use up all of one shadow u can remove the lil pot n replace it with a new one!! or if you want a similar palette for a little cheaper than the MAC one get yourself a Fuschia palette they are great quality (the fuschia and mac eyeshadows fit in both the fuschia and mac palettes)

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