Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Christmas is comming and I cant wait to get myself to Inglot to pick out my Santy pressies!
So heres a few Inglot Items I would recommend to any makeup artist or avid makeup enthusiasts!!!

Firstly Duraline!!! This is a liquid that turns most eyeshadows in to eyeliners (I say most as iv tried it on MAC chrome yellow and it did not work)!!
I love this stuff I first bought the Inglot one in October and already I am over half way through the bottle!! not dat it doesnt last long it totally does you only need 1 or 2 drops I just use it ALL THE TIME!!!
A new bottle of it is on my list!!!

The inglot blushes are amazing soooo pigmented so you hardly need any for a gorgeous flush of color!!!
I love mine I have a palette of 4 about a year now and iv hardly made a dent on them!!!

A few weeks ago I got the Inglot whit concealer this is brilliant for us paler individuals who find it hard to get a pale enough foundation!!
A squeeze of this with your foundation pales it out to a custom color and also thickens the foundation a little for better coverage (I use with Gosh x-ceptional wear foundation in porcoline)!!

I have yet to try the eyeshadows and thats what it on my list this year Im going to put together a freedom palette of bridal colors!!

So whats on your santy list this year???

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