Thursday, August 30, 2012


Its been a while!!!
Iv had a busy summer and havnt had many chances to blog so i thought id update you!!
We moved house in May! we had to move as were we lived had no good playschools or schools so we moved to a better part of town and signed corey up for playschool in september!
The area we moved to is lovely and we moved from a 3 bed terraced to a 4 bed detached house and we love the house it has soooo much space!!!
I finished my manicure and pedicure course at the end of may and recieved my results in the end of june i was delighted with how i did and now im ITEC certified!!
Corey had a week in the play school in July a little summer camp which he loved so super excited to start full time!!
Lots od birthdays over the summer mine Coreys my mams and my niece Violets so we were busy busy with partys!!
I started a diet its going well!!
Went away with my sisters for a night to dun laoirigh!!
Now its the end of August and Corey will be starting playschool on Monday hes very excited especially after his week there in July!! My little baby is all grown up!!!
I am going to be applying for an ITEC waxing course on monday so that should keep me busy till christmas!!
So that was my summer busy busy!!!

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