Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blixz Nail Wraps

Yesterday I did my training for Blixz Nail Wraps in ASU in Swords!! I had such a lovely time!! The class was a small group of 9 which was great as you got alot of one to one help!! And the trainer was sooo lovely and friendly and very helpful!! It has really made me want to do more nail courses and I will definitely be going back for more courses there!!
We were all paired up and did each others nails for practice so I got a lovely set of Blixz Nails out of it!!

Blixz Nail Foils are the latest trend with fashionistas, music and film stars alike!! They are extremely thin foils that are applied directly to the nail providing instant results as there is no drying time!!
Available in over a hundred colours and designs, Blixz Nail Foils has a new look for every occasion.

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