Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Primer Review

Ok back to normality!!!
Im gona give you a review on a few primers I have tried out over the last year the good the bad and the awful!!!

First up L'Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Smoothing Resurfacing Primer
I bought this when it first came out so it was on special offer I payed around €15 but it generally retails for around €20!!
I found it to be a very good primer it feels slightly goopy when you take it out of the tub but it has a very smooth and satiny finish on your skin!! It made my makeup last all night!!
I would definitely recommended this primer!! Its a small tub but it goes along way its worth the €20!! Its my favorite budget primer!!
I give it a 8/10

Next up we have GOSH Velvet Touch foundation primer!!
This was the 1st primer I ever used I got it as a present!
It retails for around €19!!
I thought it was wonderful back then but looking back over the different primers I have tried Its not so great!!
Its an OK primer!! It never felt satiny on my skin more crumbly!! It will make your makeup last longer than normal but not all night!!
If it was cheaper I would probably recommend it but you can get better primers for the same price!!
I give it 5/10

17 Photo Flawless Primer!!
My sister got this free when she spent over €15 on 17 products and gave it to me cause she didnt need it!!
I think it costs like €8-€10 euro (at least I hope it doesnt cost more than that)
Its the worst primer I ever used!! It feels dry and crumbly and horrible on your skin my makeup lasted for lett time than it would if I wore no primer at all!!
Dont waste your money I know its cheap but its cheap for a reason!!!

And last but certainly not least my favorite primer of all time is (drum roll)
Smashbox Photo Finnish Foundation Primer!!
I got this in sephora in NY for $49 for the Jumbo one which is 60ml and would normally retail for $72!!
In Ireland the 30ml retails for around €38!!
I know it is expensive but my god is it worth it!!!
Its soft satiny and beautiful!! You hardly need to use any at all just a pea sized amount so it lasts for ever!!
My makeup lasts all day and night if I need it to!!!
I recommend this to everyone especially professionals!!!
I dont think I will ever find a better primer but ill keep my eyes peeled and if I do ill let you know!!
I give it a 10/10


  1. Great love it keep it coming............kathy

  2. If you don't have 38 quid for the Smashbox they do an economical 'travel size' for 15euro I got mine in Arnotts but they have them in Clerys lasts for ages and you get to make sure you like it before splashing out. It is a great product though...good value for money.

  3. This is a staple in my it love it love it!! Well worth the money :)