Monday, May 30, 2011

Growing My Nails week 1

Ok Im all into nails at the moment!!! Its somthing I never imagened Id be into as Iv bitten my nails for as long as I can remember so I have never had nice nails to paint or do nail art on!
Since doing my Blixz Nail Wraps course Iv Just been mad into my nails and wearing the Blixz Nail Wraps has helped mt to nit pick or bite my nails!!
So this is pretty much week 3 of my nail growing as Iv been wearing nail wraps for the last 2 weeks (not constantly I had a 5 day gap to let my nails recover) but Im calling it week 1 because I only really decided to put effort in this week befor it was just I couldnt Bite them because they were covered!!
Im going to be taking photos of my nails every week to watch them grow I feel this will encourage me cause I can see the progress!!!
I am also going to be giving tips on nail care...things that help me and I think might help you!!

Tip 1- Always keep a nail file handy!!!
I find I bite my nails because they might have a little chip that irritates me and I want to smooth it out and I take to to far to the point where my nail is a scutt!! If you have a file handy you can file off any chips or snaggs befor you start to nibble!!! so keep I upstairs and one down stairs (if ur lazy like me)

Tip 2- This is for Blixz Nail wrap wearers
If you decide to try out Blixz Nail Wraps (and I think you totally should there awesome) here is a little bit of after care!!
When you get to the point where you want to take them off make sure you have an hour or so to give yourself (or go get) a mini manicure!! I found my nails get all peeley after I wear them!! So soak your finger nail in vitamin e oil or any nail or skin oil for a while.... wash it off... buff off the peely bits to smooth them (so you dont start picking) then buff and shine them!! Also leave at least a week befor you put new Blixz Nail Wraps on (or a few days befor painting them) as your nails havnt been getting much oxygen under the wraps so let them recover 1st!!

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