Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blixz Nail Wraps!!

Today I put Blixz Nail Wraps on myself for the 1st time!! :) It went really well better than the pair I put on my sis at the course!!! It is the second pair of Blixz Nail Wraps Iv had on in the last week and a half!! The 1st pair lasted 5 days they would have lasted longer but on the 5th day I got a little a drunk ;) and pulled them off!!
I loved wearing them (even if i didnt like the pattern that much) because they stopped me picking and biting my nails so my nails grew quite a bit in those 5 days!! I went 5 days without wearing them to air my nails and let them get back to normal but I was getting to the point where I was getting tempted to bit again so I decided Id put them on and have lovely nails for the weekend (even if Im not going out)!!
I know they are supose to last 2 weeks and Im going to do my best to make them last that long this time but to me 5 days is awesome usually nail polish only lasts a day mabey 2(if Im extra cautious)on me because Im constantly doing dishes through the day and I hav a 2 year old son so Im quite active and use my hands alot changing nappies and tidying!!
So ill be giving a proper review on them in 2 weeks hopfully not sooner to let you know how I got on and how long they lasted!!
I love them and im sur you will to!!!

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